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All about Carpet

Warm, comforting, and quiet, carpet remains one of the most popular flooring options on today’s market. At Carpeteria Carpet One Floor & Home, we understand the importance of finding the perfect product to match your vision, tastes, and lifestyle. With hundreds and hundreds of options to choose from, our team of experienced flooring professionals is on hand to help you navigate the often-confusing world of carpets.

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Types of Carpet

Not all carpets are cut from the same cloth. To help you narrow down your selection, here are a few carpeting basics, including suggested uses:

Level Loop: Durable and soil-concealing, this is a wonderful option for areas with heavy traffic. Constructed of fibers that are looped and left uncut on the carpet’s surface, this is a product with a supple, high-level pile.

Pattern: Lower loops combined with high-cut fiber tufts create a variety of textures and patterns, resulting in a beautiful and high-performing carpet that’s great at hiding footprints and other traffic marks.

Frieze: High and twisted yarn fibers make for a contemporary “shag” texture that’s great for a family room or other areas that are home to lots of action.

Plush: With its deep, dense pile and velvety appearance, plush carpets lend the look of luxury to more formal settings, such as dining rooms or living rooms.

Texture: Using kinked or curled yarn fibers in a deep pile construction makes for durable construction that’s less prone to vacuum lines.

Why Carpet?

Thanks to today’s advanced flooring technologies, modern carpeting is not only strong: it’s soft, supple, and stain-resistant. Universally appealing, carpeting offers warmth, absorbs sounds, and is comfortable underfoot. Our Carpet One Floor & Home exclusive carpet brands – like Relax, it’s… Lees®, Tigressá® H2O™, Bigelow® Stainmaster® and Innovia Xtreme Clean™ - are high performance: combining impressive historical track records with our industry-best warranties.